Romantic comedy about a 22-year-old Samoan-Kiwi looking to impress a woman who only wants to go out with a 'real island guy'. So, he journeys to Samoa to get advice from those who can teach him best - his cousins.

“Overhearing his crush say she only likes “real island guys” is all it takes to get Adam (Neil Amituanai, in his big screen debut) packing his bags for Samoa, in this comedy by Stallone Vaiaoga-Ioasa (TV's Fresh). Shot largely in Samoa over two weeks, the self-funded film co-stars Samoan locals Vito Vito and Fesuiai Viliamu as Adam’s cousins, teaching him the basics of island life. Three Wise Cousins reached number eight at the NZ box office in its opening weekend, and continues to win solid audiences, despite minimal publicity. Stuff critic James Croot called it "colourful and charming" – NZ On Screen

Starring: Neil Amituanai, Vito Vito, Fesuiai Viliamu, Gloria Ofa Blake

Directed by Stallone Vaiaoga-Ioasa (feature debut)

Comedy | 1hr 29mins| PG| Country of Origin: New Zealand

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BOY AND BIRD Director Anonymous 14 min NZ
The basic needs of a child are stretched when an absent father leaves his son to learn the realities of adulthood. The Director of this film wishes to remain anonymous, and is of Samoan descent.