Imagined Worlds


Eleitina (Paddy) Walker Room & Marilyn Waring Room, Ellen Melville Centre
Saturday July 7 & Sunday July 8 10 am to 4 pm Imagined Worlds
A continuous programme of documentaries and experimental works themed on indigenous futurism.

420 IN MAHIA Kahu Kuranui (Māori) 2018 4 min NZ

Take a trippy trip to Zygertron, as Troy Kingi’s beats awaken a world of Māori space age moonlight daydreaming.


The three future originators of hip-hop – DJ Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash – are abducted and transported across the galaxy to Planet Rock where they are schooled in the alien language of turntablism. (photo, below)

ASTRO BLACK RACE FOR SPACE Soda_Jerk 2010 6 min Australia

Race for Space gives life to Sun Ra's claim to have been abducted by aliens who schooled him in the radical potential of music. While working as a piano man in Chicago in 1943, Sun Ra is contacted by Morpheus who offers him a choice of two destinies.

ASTRO BLACK WE ARE THE ROBOTS Soda_Jerk 2010 6 min Australia

We are the Robots re-imagines the iconic scene in Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) where scientists use a synthesizer keyboard to communicate with an alien mothership.

ASTRO BLACK ARMAGEDDON IN EFFECT Soda_Jerk 2008 6 min Australia

Armageddon in Effect begins with the discovery of an ancient stone crosshairs at an archeological site in Egypt. Sixty years later a giant alien mothership emerges from a menacing cloud over New York City, hijacking President Ronald Reagan's TV statement in order to transmit a pirate broadcast from Chuck D, Flavor Flav and Sun Ra.

AGOPHOBIA Benjamin Ross Hayden 2013 24 min Canada

A time beyond humanity within a digital world.  Agophobia is a new fear of the distant human past in a future where technology has manifested alL life. The Ram encounters fantastical beings, engaging to defy his place and escape.

RAGNAROK Agne Agodeme 2017 8 min Lithuania

The storm is coming. The Eagle is captured by the spirit of the doom. A bullet is fired to the eagle’s fatal battle.

HUIA BOY 7 Fires Collective 2017 7 min Canada/NZ

A transformative love story, reflecting the desire for the return of the sacred Huia bird, an extinct species in New Zealand. Made as part of 7 Fires (See HARD OUT).

HARD OUT Howard Adler, Jessie Short, Candy Renae Fox 2017 3 min Canada/NZ

A man wakes up lost and confused on the beach, and it’s a mystery of how and why he got there. This film was made as a part of an International Two-Spirit, Takatāpui, Indigenous GLBTQ+ filmmaking initiative called 7 Fires. It was collaboration between the Mispon Film Festival (Regina), Wairoa Māori Film Festival (Nuhaka, New Zealand), and the Asinabka Film Festival (Ottawa).

NAME THAT FOREST MOVIE Jenny Fraser 2018 15 min

A social critique of Australia social mores.