Indigenous Worlds


Helen Clark Room, Ellen Melville Centre
Saturday July 7 & Sunday July 8 10 am to 4 pm Indigenous Worlds
A continuous programme of indigenous documentaries and experimental works.

10 AM TO 11 PM

HONEY AND OLD CHEESE Yassine El Idrissi 25 min Morroco Arabic 2017
Hassan (17) prepares to leave his mountain village in Morocco. He is going to his father in the Netherlands. But how do you leave your home, and what do you take with you?  Hassan has got himself a visa. He is preparing to leave the mountain village Tizi N’oucheg behind and join his father in the Netherlands. Everyone in the village knows he'll soon be a foreigner. In a moving and occasionally comic portrait, Hassan says farewell to his friends, the land and its traditions.                  

Nischal Poudyal 28 min Nepal 2017
Last Nomads of Everest is a documentary exploring the wilderness of the snowy Himalayas. Covered in the snow is the Nurkum village that lies around Everest region at the height of 4000 m above sea level. This documentary tells the story of the last Sherpa family holding the traditional Sherpa profession of Mountain cow husbandry in the most extreme weather condition. Aesthetically presented, this documentary tries to show the redemption and pain while holding the old way of tradition in the backdrop of modernist way of life. The poignant and spiritual glimpses of the Sherpa village, the people, the amazing costumes and their religious ceremonies are the glares of this cinematic treat.

11 PM TO 12 PM

Sandra Pratt 14 min USA 2017
This is the traditional Dakota legend of beautiful Tapun Sa Win, a human Dakota woman who married Star Man of the Sky People.

12 min Canada Jani Lauzon 2017
Just One Word – Synopsis  Kim Morin is a successful Metis lawyer surrounded by luxury, security and Contemporary Native Art. Inner peace? Not so much. Kim needs things to be perfect. She wants the wrongs in her community and her family to be right.

Milana Majar 26 min Syria/Bosnia and Herzegovina 2017
The documentary "From the Edge of Sanity" is interwoven with the destiny of a Christian family from Syria. At the peak of the war two sons and a daughter of Younes Ayoub and Helen Alashehab leave the war-torn fatherland. Fear of terrorists and a desire to preserve the family together forced the 65-year-old Helen to go after their children. The family sold most of the property to pay smugglers to take them to Europe.The hero of the film, seventy years old Younes Ayoub, remains in Damascus...

12 PM TO 1 PM

Min Min Hein 13 min Myanmar 2017
"Listen" is a documentary portrait of revolutionary artist Chaw Ei Then. Exiled from her homeland of Myanmar, she uses visually striking and emotionally unsettling performance art and artwork as a means of dissent, both to express her political views and to give voice to her victimized experience and inner struggles.

Sugihara Tune 20 min Japan/China 2017
The travelogue of a little Ainu girl, Ruino, who goes to Taiwan to eat, sing, dance, and meet the indigenous people there.

HINOWU: HAND GAMES 6 min USA Danny De Leon 2017
During a hand game tournament in Northern California, Danny de Leon interviewed tribal members about the importance of the hand games.

10 min Danny De Leon 2017 USA
Interview with Byron Nicholai, a native Alaskan Yup'ik Singer, who has traveled the United States singing his traditional songs. He has performed for former Secretary of State John Kerry and former President Barack Obama.

Dianne Ouellette 2 min Canada 20017
Cry Wolf  When I was five I lived on a farm and I had a beautiful dog. 

Dafydd Sills-Jones 2017 Wales UK 10 min
This film offers a glimpse inside 'the yellow classroom' - the name widely given to classrooms for 5-7 year olds in Wales - at a bilingual primary school on the West Wales coast. The children cross several boundary-lines countless times each day; between learning and playing, between Welsh and English languages, between the human and natural worlds. We watch them on a typical day, as they begin to find their place in the world.


Mattei Tom 20 min France 2016
In Corsica, in the ruins of Bitalza, Marcu, Battistu and Arcangelu spend their days under the mountain. One night they meet a stranger, a ukrainian man. A strange climatological phenomenon then appears.

Documentary short film about Mara and Kaja who live in the valley of the Sava River. They are two sisters aged 80, who live alone, have no children. They do not have any electricity, telephone, television, radio or cell phones. Nothing they do not need, they say. They do not know who the president, or prime minister, or cares. They are asylum simple beauty of life, in this asylum of today's world that would make everyone else that we can. We do not have everything we want, but if you look around you will see that we have everything we need. Peace and tranquility, how to achieve it? Simplicity. To show how the wealth and excess led us to a position of dependence and restlessness, depression and anxiety states. We forgot the little things in life, spiritual feelings, love, time spent in the family. The desire for more, better, stronger overran us all. What today means a normal man, the term is lost, we only have large and small people. The film shows the possibility of a simple life without technology, some would say it is poverty. Is that right?

SOVEREIGN'S WATER 16min USA Verel Moon 2017
In 2002 over 70,000 adult Salmon died at the mouth of the Klamath due to low flows and high water temperatures. In the summer of 2014 the conditions were exactly the same and the tribes took an active position in getting water released from the dams.

2 PM TO 3 PM

K'INA KIL : THE SLAVER'S SON 19 min USA Jack Kohler 2017
Through a lens focused on the Native experience, K'ina kil is the story of Tintah, a young Native man, as he searches for purpose and peace in California's raucous, brutal Gold Rush.  Near the minefields, Indian girls are kidnapped, for sex, and those natives who refuse to bend the will of the white men are hunted for profit.  This charter-driven story tells of our country's fortune and shame during California's painful beginnings.

Whitney Anderson 13 min USA 2016
Gwala Rising in the Bwanabwana Islands depicts the revitalization of traditional conservation practices in the islands of Papua New Guinea. The community of Anagusa Island is combating the effects of climate change and protecting the coral reefs they rely on using gwala: the traditional practice of setting aside a reef or forest area to allow the ecosystem to recover. Gwala is helping the community of Anagusa Island prosper - empowering men and women with improved access to food and livelihoods.

Chris Wong (Anishinaabe), Candy Ranae Fox, Howard Adler 15 min 2017 New Zealand English, Cree & Māori w/ Eng. Subs
A Beautiful conversation and exchange between a Cree Elder, Noel Starblanket, and a Māori language speaker, Noa Campbell.

NIISOTEWAK Jules Koostachin 2017 16 min Canada
NiiSoTeWak translates to “walking the path together”, and Cree traditional teachings claim that although identical twins are born with two separate bodies, they share only one heart. Through the eyes of spirited ten-year-old Inninewak (Cree) twin boys, Tapwewin (Speaking Truth) and Pawaken (Totem) explore and question the essence of their Being in relation to the world and people around them.

STRONGFALA KULCHA / STRONG CULTURE Jarryd O'Keefe 2017 3 min Australia
A warrior chief in a small village in Vanuatu prepares for a traditional war dance ceremony that honours the ancestral culture of his people.

RECLAMATION Viveka Frost 2018 4 min Venezuela, Bolivian Republic
A short poetic documentary film about Indigenous Identity.

FLAT ROCKS Courtney Montour 2017 10 min Canada
79-year-old Louis Diabo battles against the construction of Canada’s St. Lawrence Seaway during the 1950s to save his farm and the Kahnawake Mohawk community. Flat Rocks weaves together breathtaking present-day footage of Kahnawake with archival photos dating back over 80 years revealing the community’s way of life threatened by the Seaway. A poetic narration in the Kanien’kéha (Mohawk) language voices the community’s connection to the water.