Honouring Fred Renata


Māori Film Week – Fred Renata Exhibition

TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre,
Hillsborough, Auckland 25 June to 21 July

Presented as part of the second annual Matariki Māori Film Week, an exhibition of moving image and photographic works of master Māori cinematographer Fred Renata. Fred Renata was camera crew on Merata Mita’s seminal work Mauri, and has been cinematographer for numerous feature films (Fracture, Mt Zion, Poi E), documentaries (Let My Whakapapa Speak) and short films (Ahi Kā and Baby Steps). Curated by Leo Koziol of the Wairoa Māori Film Festival, this retrospective exhibition provides a comprehensive survey of the cinematic vision of Fred Renata – Te Ao Mai Ngā Whatu Māori!

25 June – 21 July

Photography Gallery and AV Gallery.

Māori Film Week – Fred Renata Short Film Retrospective

Presented as part of the second annual Matariki Māori Film Week, two programmes of short films will showcase the work of master Māori cinematographer Fred Renata. Films will include Baby Steps (Mark Ruka) and Ahi Kā (Richard Curtis). Join us for a stunning audio-visual journey, reflections of the cinematic vision of Fred Renata – Te Ao Mai Ngā Whatu Māori!

30 June, 7 and 14 July for screenings. Session 1: 12PM- 12:50PM, Session 2: 1PM-1:50PM.

Suitable for: All ages

When: From Tue 25 June

Where: Photography and AV Gallery, Pah Homestead/TSB Wallace Arts Centre, 72 Hillsborough Rd, Hillsborough

Cost: Free


Fred Renata segued from electrical engineering into film, after joining the camera crew on Merata Mita's first and only dramatic feature, Mauri (1987). He went on to work on pioneering Māori drama series E Tipu e Rea. Since then Renata's work as a director of photography has crossed all mediums, from music videos and commercials, to multiple episodes of teen hit Being Eve and hit feature Mt Zion. He has also shot many documentaries (Poi E - The Story of Our SongHotere), often with Māori themes. In 2003 Renata scored an NZ Television award for his work on TV series Street Legal.     

Fred has an eye like a viewfinder. Larry (Parr) suggested that Fred's pupils might be rectangular — and I don't think he's far wrong.
Magik and Rose director Vanessa Alexander


2006 Qantas Television Awards
Nominated for Best Camera - Non-Factual: for Doves of War

2005 New Zealand Screen Awards
Nominated for Best Cinematography: for Fracture

2003 New Zealand Television Awards
Best Camera - Drama: for Street Legal


SEE WHAT LOVE CAN DO – Annie Crummer

MOU PIRI – Karin Williams

MARIA – Jeremiah Tauamiti

AHI KA – Richard Curtis

TANGAROA – Tiki Taane



TUMANAKO SPRINGS – Francis Glenday

TREATY – Moana and the Moahunters

Māori Film Week – Fred Renata Short Film Retrospective

Presented as part of the second annual Matariki Māori Film Week, two programmes of short films will showcase the work of master Māori cinematographer Fred Renata. Films will include Baby Steps (Mark Ruka) and Ahi Kā (Richard Curtis). Join us for a stunning audio-visual journey, reflections of the cinematic vision of Fred Renata – Te Ao Mai Ngā Whatu Māori!

30 June, 7 and 14 July for screenings. Session 1: 12PM- 12:50PM, Session 2: 1PM-1:50PM.

PROGRAMME 1 (50 minutes)

SEE WHAT LOVE CAN DO – Director Fred Renata 1992 4 min NZ Annie Crummer Music Video
Fred Renata’s stylish video is a study in monochrome as it alternates black and white backdrops (and wardrobe for Crummer), and augments them with photos of loved ones and shadow play.

AHI KA – Director Richard Curtis DOP Fred Renata 2014 15 min NZ
The long-burning fires of occupation. Left alone with just her spiritual guides, a young girl upholds the prestige and sovereignty of the tribe in order to protect the land for generations to come.

MARIA – Director Jeremiah Tauamiti DOP Fred Renata 2016 14 min NZ
The matriarch of a large Polynesian family lies bedridden and silent, unable or unwilling to speak after a long illness. When a family crisis strikes, Nan Maria gets some unexpected help as she struggles to reunite her fractured family.

MOU PIRI – Director Karin Williams DOP Fred Renata 2013 12 min Cook Islands
Culture is like love – if you just hold tight, you’ll be OK. That’s the message of Mou Piri, a South Pacific love song that has touched hearts around the world.

PROGRAMME 2 (53 minutes)

TANGAROA  - Director Carey Carter DOP Fred Renata 2007 5 min NZ - Tiki Taane Music Video
Muscular and intense, this challenging (and presumably autobiographical) short film boldly brings to life an epiphany, and the impetus to rebuild following dark personal struggle.

GOD KING AND COUNTRY – Director Kiri Barber DOP Fred Renata 2013 13 min Australia/NZ
Inspired by a true story of the Maori Battalion in World War II. The reality of war sets in as Boogy, Hina, Rangi and Edison, find themselves trapped on enemy territory

BABY STEPS – Director Mark Ruka DOP Fred Renata 2012 10 min NZ
A man, a baby, a new path; one little step at a time.

TE AO KAPURANGI – Director Tama Poata Producer Robin Murphy DOP Fred Renata 2001 9 min NZ
Upon her father’s death, Te Ao takes on the responsibility of saving her tribe from the invading Ngapuhi.  Although the battle seems weighted in their favour, Te Ao proves that firearms are no match for her intelligence and courage.

TUMANAKO SPRINGS – Director Francis Glenday DOP Fred Renata 2007
Tumanako Springs is a fusion of western and horror genres, set in a Northland gum-digging town, circa 1880.


Maori Film Week Gala: Celebration of Hawai'i


Maori Film Week Gala - Celebrating Hawai’i
With Feature Film THE HAUMANA


Join us for the opening night celebration of Maori Film Week. The evening commences with a special screening of Native In Nuhaka, which tells the story of the Wairoa Maori Film Festival and its special relationship with the people of Hawaii. Then hula and haka performances commence, with Hawaiian Kai served, followed by a night of Hawaiian movies! Join us! Nau Mai! Haere Mai!


Kanaka Maoli Hawai’i  Films

Feature presentation: THE HAUMANA by Keo Woolford, and short films Kaumakaiwa (Bradley Tangonan), Hae Hawai’i (Ty Sanga) and Native in Nuhaka (Hiona Henare).

Also screening on the evening will be the following audio-visual art works: Kowhai – Aydriannah Tuialii, From the Back of the Canoe to the Front of the Canoe, Jeremy Leatinu’u, and Apparatus by Tanu Gago.

When: Fri 28 June, 7:00pm


Ellen Melville Centre,
2 Freyberg Pl, CBD

Cost: $20 per person


Director Bradley Tangonan, Producer Darrin Kaneshiro, 3 minutes, United States, Documentary, Short

Kumu Hula Kaumakaiwa Kanaka'ole demonstrates how hula and oli, or chanting, connects her to the land and the spirits therein. Cast: Kaumakaiwa Kanaka'ole

Director Ty Sanga, Writer Oliver Evangalista, Producer Caleb Lucero, Greg Doi, Ty Sanga, 17 minutes, United States, Short

In 1893, the Hawaiian monarchy is illegally overthrown. A group of elites secretly enlist a young man to steal the Hawaiian flag on Annexation Day. Cast: Henry Ian Cusick, Kekoa Kekumano, Moses Goods

Director Keo Woolford, 95 minutes 2013 Hawaii/United States, Feature Drama

Jonny Kealoha is the charismatic host of a struggling Waikiki Polynesian lū`au show. To everyone's surprise, including his own, he is appointed as the successor to a high school boy's hula class when his former Kumu Hula (master hula teacher) passes away. He becomes as much a student as a teacher through the demands of leading the boys to a significant cultural event and rediscovers the sanctity of the culture he had previously abandoned.

Starring Tui Asau, Tauarii Nahalea-Marama, JD Tanuvasa, Cedric Jonathan, Christopher Latronic, Saitia Faaifo, Buddy Martin, Uluwehiikawekiuokalani Keaunui, Mary Pa`alani, Marlene Sai, and Kelly Hu as "Linda."

With choreography by Robert Cazimero, Lanakila Casupang, Maelia Loebenstein-Carter.

Winner of the Audience Award and Best First Feature at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival (2013) and Audience Award at the Hawaii International Film Festival (2013).

Director Jeremy Leatinuu, Writer Jeremy Leatinuu, 8 minutes, New Zealand

With a title meaning “from the back of the canoe to the front of the canoe,” this work raises questions of narration and translation by recounting two interconnected stories in a voiceover performed by the artist with quiet intensity. Both tell of trajectories of migration and settlement that predate the arrival of Europeans in Aotearoa, of crossing sea and land in search of a different future, carrying the accumulated practices of the past to new horizons. Language: English, Māori.

Aydriannah Tuiali’i, 1 min, NZ 2019

Kōwhai (2017) visualises the cyclic notion and continuation of life, connecting processes of nurture and growth to my own experiences learning about Whakapapa through Te Reo Maori. Kōwhai (2017) emerged from an exploration of the relationship – whakawhanaungatanga - between moving image, kapa haka and waiata, exemplifying the creation of Te Ao Māori – from nothing to something – passed down through generations via ngā momo kōrero or oral storytelling.

Director Tanu Gago, 19 minutes, NZ 2019

APPARATUS is a series of moving image portraits concerned with the presentation of heteronormative masculine identities, this work seeks to provide a counter narrative to the media portrayal of Indigenous masculinity as fixed, binary and subordinate to dominant western notions

Director Hiona Henare 15 minutes NZ 2019

A short doco exploring the Māori passion for cinema against the backdrop of the annual Wairoa Māori Film Festival. Beautiful and undeniably real, Native in Nuhaka encourages more natives to use film as their statement of choice. — Craig Fasi, Pollywood


2 Spirit Shorts

Thirza Cuthand - Reclamation

Thirza Cuthand - Reclamation

2 Spirit Shorts

10 aM saturday 29 JUNE

10 am 2 Spirit Short Film Collection, curated by Asinabka Film Festival, Canada


Two Spirit shorts from Turtle Island


Curated by Howard Adler (Asinabka Festival, Canada) - Length: 1 hour

Turtle Island is the name used by many First Nations peoples for the continent of North America. For the Anishinaabek peoples, it refers to our creation story in which the world was re-created on a turtles back. Two-Spirit is a contemporary umbrella term coined by Indigenous peoples in the 1990’s to convey our complex identities as Queer, Trans, Non-Binary, or Gender Non-Conforming. It is a term that acknowledges that we have always had words in our own languages to describe our identities and roles within our Indigenous Nations. This collection showcases the strength and versatility of two-spirit peoples from Turtle Island.

Tsanizid (Wake Up) | Beric Manywounds | Turtle Island | 2017 | 6 min

Beric Manywounds mesmerizes viewers as he leads us, through dance, on a Two-Spirit transformation journey.

No Place For Bad Memories | Evelyn Pakinewatik | Turtle Island | 2018 | 2 min

Evelyn Pakinewatik offers an introspective experiment that explores trauma, memory, and healing spaces.

Noolíhkamun | Zephyr McKenna | Turtle Island | 2018 | 3 min

Noolíhkamun explores how gender and identity are intertwined with language, and what this means in the face of a centuries-long and ongoing cultural genocide.

nintaandjinaagowiihidis//i transform myself | Connor Pion | Turtle Island | 2018 | 6 min

A mixed-race urban-Indigenous 2 Spirit-trans neechie’s prayer, ceremony, and activiation for a potent shapeshifting potion.

My Pride Is | Wāpahkēsīs (Keisha Erwin Roberts) | Turtle Island | 2018 | 4 min

Wāpahkēsīs reflects on what Pride means to themselves as a non-binary filmmaker, as well as how it relates to their other marginalized identities.

I Like Girls |Diane Obomsawin | Turtle Island | 2017 | 8 min

In this animated short, four women reveal the nitty-gritty about their first loves, sharing funny and intimate tales of one-sided infatuation, mutual attraction, erotic moments, and fumbling attempts at sexual expression.

Positions | Justin Ducharme | Turtle Island | 2018 | 12 min

A simple and naturalistic approach to a day in the life of a two-spirit, male sex worker as he visits his clients. Positions is an unapologetic and realist exploration of sexual desire, the quest for financial stability, and the pursuit of agency over one’s own body.

DND NDNs | Raven Cameron | Turtle Island | 2018 | 4 min

An Indigenous Dungeons and Dragons group faces their final nemesis: Justin Trudeau.

Reclamation | Thirza Cuthand | Turtle Island | 2018 | 13 min

After white people leave Earth en masse for Mars, the Indigenous people left behind contemplate their place in healing the world and imagine a brighter future after the biggest problem has gone.

Sci-Fi Shorts


Sci-Fi Shorts

11 aM saturday 29 JUNE

11 am Sci-Fi Shorts: Cosmic Adventures 13 min (Bailey Poching, NZ), Tiki X823 Thanks for all the Fish (Jason Tauoma, NZ), Kalewa (Mitchel Viernes, Hawaii)



Director Bailey Poching, Writer Bailey Poching, Producer Maronui Taimana, 13 minutes, New Zealand, Short, Student

Kent Lasershaft is a superhero for the ages. A defender of the weak and hero of the innocent. He’s also the creation of Kent Edwards, a quiet nerd who finds solace in his fantasy creation: the world of Cosmic Adventures!  Cast: Kurt Utai-Laurenson, Bryn Henry.


Director Jason Taouma, Writer Jason Taouma, Producer Jason Taouma, 19 minutes, New Zealand, Short

In a distant future an explorer known as a Tiki, must rediscover a post apocalyptic Aotearoa in order to uncover the mystery of Experiment 823 which infects the mind with some form of virtual virus. Tiki-X823 balances the speaking of three languages Samoan, Tongan and Chinese to weave a rich tapestry of intrigue. Cast: Missy Pelu, Lai Tupuola, Lolo Fonua, Hi Yi. Language: Chinese, Samoan, Tongan.


Director Mitchel Viernes, Writer Mitchel Viernes, Producer Gerard Elmore, Erik Ries, Darrin Kaneshiro, James Charisma, Brian Watanabe, 16 minutes, United States, Short

In the future, a Hawaiian astronaut makes the next great leap for his planet, his family, and himself. Tonight is his last chance. Cast: Michael Hake , Kimo Kahoano, Danielle Zalopany, Jason Quinn, Lisa Barnes.

Oranga Shorts


Oranga Shorts

12 pM saturday 29 JUNE

12 pm Oranga Shorts: He Oranga Pumau (Tanya Filia, Jessie McVeagh, NZ), Back in the Water House (Pauline Adalid, NZ), Uapoifalemalu (NZ)


Director Tanya Filia, Jessie McVeagh, Writer Tanya Filia, Jessie McVeagh, Producer Jessie McVeagh

32 minutes, New Zealand, Documentary

In 2015 Doctors told Tanya Filia she had two months to live - she turned back to Māori traditions and began a whole new journey. Cast: Tanya Filia. Language: English, Māori.


Director Pauline Adalid, Writer Pauline Adalid, Producer Pauline Adalid, 14 minutes, New Zealand, Documentary, Student, Short

A story about motherhood, Back in the Water House follows mother-daughter artists Sulieti Fieme’a Burrows and Tui Emma Gillies as their relationship is further strengthened by tapa - a Tongan traditional cloth made from the inner bark of a mulberry tree.


Director Brown Paper Ink, Crooked Fence Films, Producer Crooked Fence Films, Brown Paper Ink, 13 minutes, New Zealand, Documentary, Short

Uapōifalemalu is a love letter and celebration, a dedication to Sāmoan women. Our aunties, mothers, grandmothers - our tinā. They raise us, they nurture us, they teach us, they care for us - and care for each other. Language: English, Samoan.


Maui's Hook

FG016_00147107 Hine-nui-te-po (Hera Foley) and Tama (Niwa Whatuira KEY-800-800-450-450-crop-fill.jpg

Maui’s Hook

2 pM saturday 29 JUNE

2 pm MAUI’S HOOK – Director Paora Joseph Feature Documentary 92 min


Feature Docu-Drama, Director Paora Te Oti Takarangi Joseph, Producer Karen Te O Kahurangi-Tibble, 92 minutes NZ 2018

The new film by Māori psychologist and filmmaker Paora Joseph (Tātarakihi: Children of Parihaka) invites open discussion of suicide through the brave testimony of five grieving families travelling to Cape Reinga.

Invoking the skills, cunning and defiance of the legendary tupuna, the title of this stirring film by psychologist and filmmaker Paora Joseph also alludes to the line on a map traced by the bus trip he takes us on from Parihaka to Te Rerenga Wairua (Cape Reinga). The travellers who join this hikoi wairua are five families, four Māori, one Pākehā, each grieving the suicide of someone very close. In the bravest, most sobering of interviews, these five families each gather to tell the story of the person in their midst who took their life.

Joseph conducts and films wānanga with the families as they journey north to release and farewell their loved ones. Addressing the demographic most commonly reflected in our tragic suicide statistics he introduces their fictional surrogate in young Tama (Niwa Whatuira), who observes the suffering of loved ones left behind and comes too late to apprehend that while his pain and anger need not be permanent, death most surely is.

“Māui’s Hook is a courageous journey exposing the raw reality of pain, grief and loss for whānau in the aftermath of suicide; yet spiritually uplifting and healing for those involved, and the viewer too. It highlights how the solutions for addressing and preventing suicide in Māori communities, particularly rurally, will come from those Māori communities.” — Dr Monique Faleafa, CEO Le Va, Pasifika health provider.

Marks of Mana


Marks of Mana

4 pM saturday 29 JUNE

4 pm MARKS OF MANA – Director Lisa Tauoma, Feature Documentary – also screening with this feature will be Salamasina’s Daughters (Aruna Poching, short doc)


Director Aruna Po-Ching, 14 min NZ 2018 Short Documentary

Salamasina’s Daughters is set in South Auckland, New Zealand, following two Samoan female chiefs, specifically orators, tulafale, a role traditionally for men only. Aruna Po-Ching follows a 73-year old grandmother and a cultural language teacher and we discover their challenges when speaking as a tulafale and what they are doing with their chief titles to serve their family and community.


Director Lisa Taouma, 56 min, Western Samoa, NZ, 2018

Of all of the art of the skin in Te Moana Nui a Kiwa (the Pacific Ocean), the markings for women have been given the least attention. Yet Tatau Fafine is imbued with mana and meanings which reach back through time to the very origins of Pacific tatau history.

The film looks at a number of women who are now reclaiming the art of tatau for themselves, as well as for the memories of their ancestors. The result is a celebration of the wave of female tatau artists that is now turning the tides of the male-dominated culture of Pacific tattooing.

From the two tatau goddesses who brought the art to Samoa to the practice of marking women in Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Aotearoa, Lisa Taouma’s film explores these ancient symbols, their meanings and their relevance for today’s Polynesian women.

Marks of Mana won Best NZ Cinematography, and received a Special Mention in the NZ Feature category, at the Doc Edge Awards 2019.

Turtle Island Shorts


Turtle Island Shorts

2 pM sunday 30 JUNE

2 pm Turtle Island Shorts: Her Water Drum (Canada), Ochiskwacho (Canada), Silla (Canada)


Director Jonathan Elliott, Writer Jonathan Elliott, Producer Erica Orofino, Jonathan Elliott, 16 minutes, Canada, Short

In the wake of her daughter's disappearance, Jolene, a single Mohawk mother, is forced to pick up the pieces of her life and navigate an increasingly strenuous relationship with her troubled son David. As secrets emerge, their relationship faces its toughest challenge yet as they confront the reality of their situation. Cast: Nadia George, Michael Riley, Chanin Lee.


Director Jules Koostachin, Writer Jules Koostachin, Producer Jules Koostachin,  15 minutes, Canada, Short

Ochiskwacho is a sacred being, known to many Indigenous people as a spiritual messenger. Kokoom, an elderly (spiritually ailing) two-spirit woman has to decide whether to stay with her grandchildren or follow the Ochiskwacho. Cast: Giselle Pare-Ramirez, Gloria Eshkibok, Tapwewin Koostachin-Chakasim, Pawaken Koostachin-Chakasim, Mahiigan Koostachin.


Director Howard Adler, Producer Adele Cardamone-Martel, 21 minutes, Canada, Documentary

Silla is a short documentary about Silla and Rise, it follows the band members behind the scenes as they prepare for and play numerous live shows, it delves into the historical suppression of Inuit traditions, and how their music is reviving and reclaiming the beautiful art form of Inuit throat singing. Cast: Charlotte Qamaniq, Cynthia Pitsiulak, Rise Ashen. Language: English, Inuktitut.

Te Rua - Feature Film


Te Rua - by Barry Barclay

3 pM sunday 30 JUNE

3 pm Special Presentation: TE RUA by Barry Barclay, 97 minutes, 1991


Director Barry Barclay, Writer Barry Barclay, Producer John O’Shea 97 min NZ 1991

Three young Maori activists move into Berlin to seize from a great museum ancestral carvings which were stolen a century earlier.

A hundred years after the theft form New Zealand of three irreplaceable tribal carvings, two members of the Maori tribe decide it's time for ancient grievances to be put right.

Both men are in Germany, where the carvings are stored in a great Berlin museum. Rewi Marangai (a successful lawyer) has been working on a patent case. Peter Huaka (a perfromance poet) is on a European tour. They first meet when Peter is detained in the museum, where he has been causing turmoil about the stolen carvings.

They meet again in New Zealand, where Peter is recruiting helpers for his campaign to bring the carvings back home. Rewi at first refuses to participate, but changes his mind when as old woman of the tribe (Nanny Matai) orders him to lead the group to Germany.

In Berlin, Peter's plans go awry; when his group breaks into the museum, they are confronted by the museum authorities. Rewi then persuades the others to let him put his own, more daring plan into action. Tensions build, and international media interest broadens when a sniper's bullet hits Peter.

At home, the people of the tribe gather to await news, and Nanny Matai begins a vigil for her tribe's carvings.

Her fate and the return of the carvings are in the balance...

Cast: Wi Kuki Kaa, Donna Akersten, Stuart Devenie, Hori Ahipene, Peter Kaa, Vanessa Rare, Whetu Fala

Leitis in Waiting


Leitis in Waiting

5 pM sunday 30 JUNE

5 pm Special Presentation: LEITIS IN WAITING (2018) Hawai’i – Directors – also screening with this feature will be Sparrow (Welby Ings, Short film)


Director Welby Ings Producer Robin Murphy 15 minutes New Zealand, Short

When the truth behind a family myth is exposed, a young boy finds the strength to stand up for himself in an unusual way.


USA Tonga 2018 70mins Directors Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson, Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu

Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu joins directors Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson (Kumu Hina, Doc Edge 2015) to tell the story of Joey Mataele and the Tonga Leitis, an intrepid group of indigenous transgender women fighting a rising tide of religious fundamentalism in their South Pacific kingdom.

The film follows devout Catholic Joey as she organises an exuberant beauty pageant presided over by a princess, provides shelter and training for a young contestant rejected by her family, and spars with American-financed evangelicals who threaten to resurrect colonial-era laws which would criminalise the leitis' lives.

With unexpected humour and extraordinary access to the kingdom's royals and religious leaders, Joey's emotional journey illuminates what it means to be different in a society ruled by tradition, and what it takes to be accepted without forsaking that tradition and culture.

7 pm Close / Poroporoaki


Kia Ora Shorts


Kia Ora Shorts

7 PM 4 & 5 JULY

Kia Ora Shorts

Kia Ora Shorts is a programme of Māori-made and themed short films.

Thursday’s screening will be followed by a Q&A with some of the directors and crew.

Film works are all directed or produced by filmmakers of Maori descent.

From the back of the canoe to the front of the canoe - Jeremy Leautinu’u
Native in Nuhaka – Hiona Henare
Meke – Tim Worrall
Falling Up – Chelsie Preston Crayford
Mouse – Lani-rain Feltham
How the Light Gets In – Aya Beyersdorf.

Sessions: Thu 4 July 7.30 pm to 9 pm; Fri 5 July 7.30 pm to 9 pm

Where: Opanuku Studio, Corban Estate Arts Centre, Henderson

Cost: $9, Eftpos and cash bar available

Suitable for: Pakeke 18+ years

Bookings: info@ceac.org.nz, 09 838 4455

Native Stories


Native Stories


Stunning moving image works daily on the giant screen in Aotea Square, Native Stories is a special presentation as part of Māori Film Week 2019.

Kowhai 1:35 Aydriannah Tuialii (Maori/Pasifika artist)

From the back of the canoe to the front of the canoe 7:54 Jeremy Leatinu’u (Maori/Pasifika artist)

Apparatus 19:21 Tanu Gago (Pasifika artist)

Where: Aotea Square When: Daily 1st July to 7th July Cost: Free

Programme available on aucklandlive.co.nz/show/digital-stage