World Programme in Te Tahinga Marae (adjacent to Kahungunu Marae)

IROQUOIS CREATION STORY Cat Ashworth 17 min 2015 USA
The Iroquois Creation Story film tells the story of how our earth came to be according to the oral story recited by the Haudenosaunee people for hundreds of years.

DREAMZ UNDWARFED Som Chakraborty 21 min West Bengal 2016
Satyakam is a young dwarf. His short height and unusual looks constantly draw snide remarks and insulting comments from people. In his mind, he constructs a dream world where there is no hatred…

KAMARO A SLAVE 23 min Arun Deo Joshi Nepal 2016
Kamaro is a form of slavery that still exists in Nepal.

THE LAST JAGUAR 5 min Luciano Nacci 2016 Argentina
Three friends walks through the jungle searching for the last Jaguar alive.

CAAZU Ronat Kamat India 2016 7 min
An insight into the lives of local feni and urrack (cashew liquor) distillers from remote villages of Goa.

LAST CHILDREN Che Espiritu USA 14 min 2016
Young Bato must travel over scorched and violent roads to bring his dying sister to The Healer.

ARMENIAN PAPERS Ornella Macchia 6 min Turkey 2016
At the market of Yerevan, a merchant invites us to share his fruits and his history.

THE BLIND OF THE CATHEDRAL Nadine Asmar 17 min Lebanon 2016
In front of a cathedral, fate led to Hala and Bachir’s meeting.

A PARADISE STOLEN Linda Ainouche 11 min Jamaica 2015
Life in Pinnacle, Jamaica is a stunning account of Jamaica’s first Rastafari community in the 1940-50s.

MAYA Director Veemsen Lama 15 min UK/Nepal
Maya, Bikram and Kancha suddenly find themselves trapped in the heart of Kathmandu. Vulnerable, penniless and alone (photo, below).