11 am sunday june 4, kahungunu marae, nuhaka

Wadyarr, Yayarr adyi Winda:
Country and People of the Milky Way

A collection of Australian Aboriginal short films curated by Pauline Clague of the Winda Film Festival, Sydney, Australia.


Writer/Dir: Larissa Berhendt Prod: John Harvey Running Time: 12 minutes

A woman attempts to cling onto her memories of happier times with her husband and son before asbestos riddled their town.


Writer: Bruce Pascoe Director: Dylan River Producer: Belinda Mravicic Running time:11 minutes

They were Australia’s bad days. Men Killed other men and laughed. All that was left for the children of the dead was to remember, if they had strength.


Writer/Director: Ryan Griffen Producer: John Harvey Running Time: 11 minutes

After a bungled robbery, James is on the run from the law with nothing but the open road ahead of him. Thinking he is in the clear he tries to relax and drive, until he realises he has unexpected passengers on board. James has only one chance to turn his life around. Will he take it?


Director Thomas Saylor Producers: Anna Cadden & Rita Catoni 2015 6 mins

KEEP IT IN COMMUNITY! Everyone loves Lucky Billy and wants him to achieve his football dreams. With an AFL selector in town, he’s keen to make a good impression. His grand-father gives him money for new boots, but it’s not quite enough. Will Billy take what he has or will he risk everything for his dream boots?


Director: Perun Bonser

Set in the early 20th century on Australia's western frontier, a police Constable hunts down a band of dangerous Criminals aided by a young, female Aboriginal Tracker. However, when the Constable is severely injured the Tracker is forced to eliminate the last of the Criminals on her own.