Documentary/Experimental/16:9/10mins "In the spaces in between, in the regional qualities of silence, something was missing. Even in the age of infill housing and noise control officers, much of New Zealand seemed to be on close terms with abstraction." Steve Braunias (2012). Civilisation: Twenty Places on the Edge of the World. Aotearoa Now is a meditative journey into the New Zealand landscape. An experimental mosaic of image and sound. A really bad tourism campaign. Filming took place over a two month period in 2014, with locations spanning all over the country. A majority of the footage came about from aimlessly driving down unknown roads, hoping for anything perfectly mundane to reveal itself. Director | Camera | Editor - Ryan Fielding Music - Rowan Pierce Sound Design - Andrew Moore, Ryan Fielding Assistant - Sarah Burton Web Design - Studio By & Large Special Thanks to friends, family, and everyone featured in the film. © Aotearoa Now | 2015