'name that movie' the screen-based world - is it the reflector or the director? do we imitate it, or does it imitate us? ‘name that movie’ explores common colonisation techniques through the “gods eye” of mainstream movies with an international reach. when witnessing a recurring action, some say ‘i’ve seen that movie’. it is an ambiguous expression of dismissal / resignation / fatigue, recognising predictability and history repeating itself. unless of course you haven’t seen the movie or are unaware of the history, then the expression is a way of opening up discussion. naming and defining is a way of breaking down the power of neo-liberal actions. in this instance ‘name that movie’ is a video that’s set up like a game, a drinking game maybe? the object of the game is to guess the movie through summary cues and a film excerpt. there are only nine (re)colonisation techniques named here, but there are plenty more. if you don’t recognise these movies then when you’re next on the couch – keep your sharp eye open. if you do recognise these colonisation techniques, then you need to get off the couch – with your sharp tongue! keep naming the movies.